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Xi 'an will throw 10000 public bicycle built four super station

Date: 2015-12-06

On December 1, public bicycle built and opened harbor area.By the end of the day, xi 'an public bicycle site has amounted to 1557, put into operation the public bicycle 41899 vehicles.Covered the forest of steles, new town, lotus lake, not ended, Ba bridge, wild goose pagoda and high and new, open, qujiang, action Ba, aerospace and other main and development zone, the average daily amount 230000.The xi 'an public bicycle systems since 2013, because of its environmental protection, and green economy, energy conservation and emissions reduction characteristics such as wide praise the citizens from all walks of life, public bike rental card is dealt with has amounted to 460000.(kumari shaanxi daily reporter Yuan Jingzhi taken)
(pay) 2015 xi 'an public bicycle operations ten window:
A, complete the construction task in 2015 (in 10000 public bicycle and expansion, encryption, fill establish public bicycle site 354);
Two 10 brake machine type, site selection, construction service site;
Second, the public bicycle machine on work has been comprehensively launches, streamlining the citizens do card process;
Three, POS machine debugging work, my company has been in high-tech zone, qujiang district pilot;
Four, plans for next year: surrounding county cover being east new town, lintong county, Yan Liang, etc;
Five, all new dispatching 2015 car mount guard, a total of 45 dispatching chariots;
Six, to do service, our company new purchase electric 20 for public bicycle repair, emergency event handling;
Seven, developed mobile phone APP android version and IOS version;
Eight, site into the community, recruiting public bicycles volunteers;
Nine, add outlets handling card, so far have been handle card to open 61 outlets;
Ten, to protect the public finance, public bicycle parking space is delimited and vehicle special wire rope fault.