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The provincial tourism planning of poverty alleviation Weeks old town village ChengXiAn only included in the village

Date: 2015-12-06

Xi 'an newswise - xi 'an evening news (reporter Yang Ming) yesterday, the national-level poverty alleviation of public action of provincial tourism planning in xi 'an, the province 22 and the planning and design units of 31 poverty alleviation pilot one-to-one support, thick Zhen zhouzhi county town, old town village, and be our city only to be included in the village.
The province of 22 planning and design units and 31 poverty alleviation pilot one-to-one support, mainly to provide planning, provide system pilot project construction of tourism, tourist products research and development, tourism management professional guidance, and to establish a long-term mechanism of tracking service.Planning unit for funding customized development plan will complete the review on March 1, 2016, complete planning text on May 1.
31 poverty relief pilot villages from xi 'an, xianyang, baoji, ankang, shangluo seven areas, such as thick Zhen zhouzhi county town, old town village, and be our city only to be included in the village."In the future with precision one-to-one tourism poverty alleviation, don't have to worry about can't find direction!", said the village party secretary zheng-cai wang came to the old village tourism of tourists every year four to fifty thousand people, 42 families in the village management measures of 32 families, most of the villagers eat meal "travel", but due to poor infrastructure, poor food and accommodation conditions, lead to tourism income is not high, many villagers are still not out of poverty, hopes to think of some way to, planning and design units.
According to statistics, "twelfth five-year" period, significant results were obtained in poverty alleviation of shaanxi tourism industry, the province, nearly 200000 people by developing tourism poverty alleviation, accounted for 15% of the province of poverty population.During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", our province is expected to arrange 700000 people realize poverty reduction through tourism, will account for 20% of the total number of poverty.