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Baoji XiBao highway transit eastern today

Date: 2015-12-06

Newswise - in xian xian evening news (reporter Zhao Zhen) today 15, baoji XiBao highway transit eastern (GuoZhenDong to Pan Guwan) project will officially opened.This about 18 kilometers long, adopting the new standard six-lane highway, the design speed of 100 km/h.It is reported, XiBao high-speed baoji transit fault will start construction in the near future.

XiBao high-speed baoji transit section, even huo highway the main across the baoji city is an important part of baoji skeleton ring roads.Lines starting five village is located in baoji their district, and the existing eight lanes XiBao high-speed GuoZhenDong interchanges, across the wei river to the south, along the table-land set in Pan creek west line, after the tang tableland, and proposed bao han high-speed intersection.Baoji transit section of the main line is 15.03 km long, Pan Guwan link 3 km long, the new standard six-lane highway, the design speed of 100 km/h.The traffic is XiBao high-speed eastern baoji transit period.It is reported, baoji transit period of western also is about to start construction.Baoji transit west-middle section will from Pan Guwan, west to GaoGu Town access even huo high-speed line.