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"New residents" consumption patterns change in xian

Date: 2015-12-06

Xi 'an newswise - xi 'an evening news From a physical store to networked consumption shift, the shift from cash to pay electronically...Recently, the province bureau of statistics released by the investigation of residents' consumption patterns "xi 'an town Cenozoic report shows that in the 70 s, new generation people born in the 80 s and 90 s, as the most active consumption group, are leading the change of consumption patterns.
Five adults eating out group purchase choice
Dining out: emerging consumption way is welcome
Residents survey, the new generation the largest number of eating out 1 ~ 2 times a week, accounted for 42.2%, 3 ~ 4 times of 23.4%, less than a 19.5%, more than 4 times (14.9%).Choose buys this emerging consumption accounted for more than half (50.4%), the number of direct checkout at dinner is also a main way to (41.2%), telephone or Internet order takeout approach is still in the process of growth, the proportion is not high (8.2%).The choice of eating places, is the most focus on environmental health, accounted for 35.4%, followed by the dishes taste, accounted for 34.8%, prices and services accounted for 14.9% and 14.9% respectively.
Seven adult rational choice be familiar with the brand
Habits: give priority to with arbitrary consumption
New generation people have abundant material resources, planning and careful of shopping significantly lower.According to the survey, choose without purpose, chance the highest proportion of the number of shopping, was 46.0%, and choose to have the number of people planning a shopping list of 34.8%, and choose to shop around, a look look at only 19.2%.
But on brand choice and show the rational, 73.0% of people will choose their own familiar and trusted brands, with famous brand, brand accounted for only 10.2%, completely don't look at brands, only pay attention to the substantial accounted for 16.8%.
Six adult self-purchased housing mortgage loans
The existing housing: since the purchase as a major way
New generation is the main crowd, accept China's housing reform is also the main force that buy commercial housing, housing loans, meanwhile, has become one of the main pressure of family life.According to the survey, the number of new generation through the purchase of housing in the city accounted for more than half (51.5%), lease, lend, and other accounted for 26.9%, 8.1% and 26.9% respectively.Since the purchase of housing nearly sixty percent (59.1%) with mortgage loans to buy, said mortgage pressure accounted for 41.5%.